SoundCast #43 – Le’Bruh (AUS)

We out here this week, cutting shapes with our farm animals to this chunky, groovy, free-minded SoundCast by Melbourne’s prince of the CDJ’s – Le’Bruh (Lawrence of Brunswick to some)

It’s actually a pleasure hosting this fun, loveable guy on our platform, we expected a SoundCast that would be slightly different to our “norm” (if we ever have one) and we got exactly that. The Bruh, as how you would translate it from French to English, is one of the most experienced tune spinners in the game. From conquering basically, all of Melbourne, to playing main stage slots at “le deuf” his wisdom and skills acquired from years and years of taking people on a journey really shines through.

Along with his wizardry status as a DJ, Le’Bruh is one of Melbourne’s most dynamic promoters, running a wide variety of parties that cater to different sects of ravers in our scene. Most passionately known for his head role at burner crew Pelican Villa, some of the bruh’s parties have also blown some socks of our feet at some point.

We hope you enjoy this SoundCast from the Lawrence of Brunny. it’s filled with a bit of everything, but promises a heavy, consistent dose of chunk all the way through.

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