SixthSense Talks #8 – Jossie Telch

Photo credit: Storm Gale Photography

SixthSense Australia caught up with our good friend Jossie Telch to cure some of our curiosities. The Mexican maestro is proving one of the most beloved psytech sorcerers of this earth… We think it’s possible he landed here by accident when navigating the solar system. Jossie’s fresh Frogs EP on Danish imprint IbogaTech is a show stopper. Fun, quirky and of course killer sound design driven by classic Jossie bass. Give these ingredients to Electrypnose, James Monro, Luis M and Gaudi to work their magic… well, the calibre of these names speaks for itself. A diverse exploration of “techno” of the highest quality. On your way to checking out our premiere of Frogs (Electrypnose Remix) have a quick read of what Jossie’s got to say…

SS: Hey Jossie, great to catch up with you. How are you doing? How has 2020 been for you?

JT: Hey mate! Things have been good my friend. Trying to keep busy through these slow times.

SS: We are absolutely loving your new Frogs EP on IbogaTech. Aside from the awesome original the remix lineup is also fantastic. Can you tell us what inspired you to choose these particular artists to remix Frogs? Did you or IbogaTech choose them?

JT: I have always had full control over how my releases are presented and who is going to be remixing my music. I chose this team because they are all absolute legends and I admire their production style and skill. It has a nice variety of genres and well they are all very good friends of mine.

SS: The spoken word sample in Frogs is classic. I think I recognise it… is it from The Big Lebowski?

JT: You got it! It’s ‘The Dude’ describing his stolen rug to the cops in that one scene. Pandemic times… Too many movies!

Photo credit: Closure

SS: You have a few tracks where your use of quirky spoken word samples takes the track into another level of fun and weirdness. A favourite of ours is the 2018 banger “Open” from Iboga Records. What is that a sample of?

JT: It’s Tchad Blake a mixing engineer and I’m a fan!

SS: When using these spoken word samples what comes first? Does the sample inspire the track? Or do you have a track almost finished and then you look for the cherry on top?

JT: It all depends. Sometimes it comes first and others its one of the last parts to get included.. no rules in composition.

SS: We saw you were just announced for Noisily Festival 2021 alongside a wicked IbogaTech lineup of Ben Coda, MVMB, Luis M and Ipcress, congratulations! What are you most looking forward to for Noisily 2021?

JT: Hard question to answer.. Noisily has so much to offer (you will see for yourself in 2022).. It will be my 4th or 5th time playing there so it is family to me for sure… that’s what most excites me..  The reunion after all this time.