SoundCast #28 – Maximilian (ZA)

One of the men behind what was easily our most powerful premiere to date, Maximilian from Miles From Mars pops into the driving seat for this week’s SoundCast. Delivering an all powerful progressive, psychedelic techno journey that will 100% go down a bloody treat on Australian soil.

No stranger to a party out in the sticks himself, Maximilian is one of the main purveyors of this unique genre in the “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa, running and performing at Into the Wild parties, whilst playing slots at marquee events. Along with regular big-time gigs, Maxi has also created some proper doof-juice with his partner in beats, DeadBeat FM. Together they form Miles From Mars, recently releasing a 5 track EP on Digital Structures. A no-nonsense, sonic uprising that has caught the eyes and ears of many a fan of proggy psychedelic techno around the world.

We are excited for the future of Maxi’s career, and we hope that we can see him on our shores for a sick one some time soon

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