SoundCast #21 – Unknown Concept (AUS)

This week we turn to one of the brightest whiz kids Australia has given birth too.

Hailing from the Mornington Peninsula, Paddy Carroll is establishing himself as a producer to watch out for on the global scene. Starting off bashing drums about it from a young age, he quickly discovered the realms of electronic dance music. Soon he started to explore a darker, more minimal groove within his adventurous musical mind, a sub-genre of techno that makes up the definition of the Unknown Concept.

2020 has seen the lad release tunage on labels such as Techgnosis Records, Jaw Dropping Records, Digital Diamonds and Euphorie Bezirk. Whilst having his music played and fangirled all around the world by global legends such as Dr. Motte.

We suggest you clear the lounge room and get some active wear on, as you will be treated to yet another fascinating insight into the musical mind of this local genius.

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