Swamp Seance VA Vol. 2 – Techgnosis Records

Staying at home has resulted in a lot of creativity. oh and also a lot of spare time to listen and take in the sounds of present day prog tekkaz.

Here we have an upcoming VA from Techgnosis Records. Our spirit animals over from Canada have returned with their Swamp Seance series, compiled by label DJ Foggyswoggle.

The name speaks volumes for the sound steeze this VA projects into the ears of the raver. FoggySwoggle has done wonders to compile some of the staunchest yet intricate pieces from staple underground producers in our niche circle. Styles vary from staunch heavy, squelchy techno through to alien-like, progressive journeys designed to help gel the darker sounds of psychedelic, minimal techno in grungy environments. Some of these songs are the perfect example of Techgnosis Records diverse, genre defying mission. A couple of Aussies featured in this chapter as always

Upon a thorough review helped with some isolation rules and a few glasses of red, our favourite tracks in this compilation are :

Dysmorph – Turbo Encabulator

Electrypnose – Pazar

Floating Machine – Strange Choices

Be smart and spend your Centrelink allowance money on epic choonz, will prove to be a worthy investment once we are all allowed to play outside again