Nocturnalism – Ambra – Open Records

Open Records is BACK – and boy have they returned with absolute class.

Nocturnalism celebrate their first release ‘Ambra’, an amazing number complemented by stellar remixes by VØSNE.

‘Ambra’ is best described as beautiful, with it’s calm and encompassing groove, deep and sensuous vocal work, spacey atmospheres and live horns played out by Giulia Scocchia. With Nocturnalism’s focus on the deep end of the house + techno spectrum, this track is a perfect example of the aural seduction you can expect from this formidable duo in the future.

Whilst Vosne’s dubby remix of this track really does hypnotise the listener with its analogue warmth and cosmic vibes, our favourite number from this 3 track EP is VØSNE‘s Interpolation remix.

Vincent Courcot makes his long awaited return through this live synthesis-driven alias. His Interpolation remix really does up the ante, with a bolder drive through the bottom end complimented by a tribal-like drum groove, whilst retaining the beautiful sonic elements from the original. This remix of Ambra truly is a high quality masterpiece, a number that would sit perfectly well within a SixthSense dancefloor.

Support our brethren from Open Records – this label holds a lot of sentimental value for many Australian DJs and ravers alike, and it’s a pleasure to see them back in business releasing world-class music.