Bongani – Weave – Techgnosis Records

Coming in red hot with another Techgnosis Records EP preview. This one is from a Melbournian legend, BONGANI. With remix action from fellow brother Amuze & minimal techno staple producer Digital Committee.

Bongas’ original ‘Weave’ has us lost for words. The amount of energy that is injected by that arpeggiated melodic baseline would take an extremely lit Rainbow Serpent Festival dance-floor through a galaxy of mind-melting experiences. You really need to listen to the original to actually acquire a feel of what we’re talking about.

Amuze also makes his debut on our favourite label with a more tribal approach to Weave. Benny mac’s use of percussion brings copious amounts of CHUG. Good use of the main hook throughout this number. A track destined to make DJ’s and dancers drop, lock and pop in whatever setting.

Digital Committee approaches the remix with a slightly different vibe to what we’d normally expect from the duo, who weave their newfound groove and progression through Bongani’s melodious arpy synth. The main drop is a classic kick bass ‘to and fro’ with the galactical synth sounds floating over the top before bringing in engaging percussion work.

We are extremely proud of these two ‘strayan blokes. BONGANI and Amuze have been at it for a while, putting Australia on the map with their baby Recovery Collective, but it’s refreshing to see these talented dudes spread their wings and land some creamy doof milk on Techgnosis. Support this EP by grabbing the pre-order through the link below.


  1. Weave (Original Mix)
  2. Weave (Digital Committee Remix)
  3. Weave (Amuze Remix)