Yuli Fershtat, Perfect Stranger & Eitan Reiter – 2019 Jam

Your Thursday Jam brought to you by Digital Structures.

This one is their last EP for 2019, and you can bet your bottom drink card that this is as OG as they get.

Yuli Fershtat & Eitan Reiter (along with their Perfect Stranger and Out of Orbit alias’) join forces to re-create some of the time-less choons that have shaped our psychedelic underbelly. The two stalwarts take turns in showcasing their interpretations, with the Title track ‘White Men Can’t Jam’ getting a re-edit that will peel the skin of a ripened dance-floor.

A personal favourite of our’s would be Yuli’s remix of Loud‘s Engines On. In this track, Yuli really tightens his mix around the original LOUD elements, whilst adding in a baseline so groovy it’d get your grand-mother down to the front left speaker. This track signifies everything Digital Structures is about and we feel you tech-heads will be rinsing this banger once it is released.Keep your eyes peeled for some very big SixthSense news that will be released this month as well. Till then, have a sick one listening to some bangers.


  1. Yuli Fershtat, Eitan Reiter – White Men Can’t Jam (2019 Jam) 
  2. LOUD – Engines On (Yuli Fershtat Remix) 
  3. Perfect Stranger – Sweet Water Dolphin (Eitan Reiter Remix) 
  4. Eitan Reiter – Smile (Yuli Fershtat 2019 Remix)
  5. Perfect Stranger, Eitan Reiter – Lizard (Perfect Stranger & Out Of Orbit Boom 2018 Revisit)
  6. Perfect Stranger – Stardust (Eitan Reiter Remix)