SixthSense Presents – SMILK (Live) & KINIMAL ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

The birth of SixthSense. Chris Hall, Dan Abel & Jedidiah had been manifesting this night and it’s concept since the start of 2019. The idea of curating an experience that would let punters activate their 5 senses was a realm yet to be explored by Melbourne club promoters, so you can only imagine how excited the trio were to pull this off.

It all started with weekly meetings at sports bar “Kicks” in the CBD. Powering through jugs of Carlton and a few dips/platters supplied by our money-man Dan Abel, the boys finalised what was to be a night of epic proportions. The line up was going to be headed by Bush-prog legend, SMILK, who was hot property after basically playing one of the best sets Rainbow Serpent has heard in it’s history. The co-headliner booked was Kinimal, label manager for Techgnosis Records from W.A. Our support line up consisted of two of Melbourne’s techno dames in Suseri and Mish’chief, wonder boy Kalkara, Ellie Walsh, Platypuss, Kisler and last but not least, our very own Chris Hall and Jedidiah closing up the Main Room.

Our decor team was headed by the talented Rosie Carter, who directed a team of decor amateurs (Chris, Dan & Jed) into building 3D hexagons for the main room. These were going to be visually manipulated by our resident VJ, Visualaurax. There were other elements being hand-crafted by the team which would evoke the sense of touch. We also had the amazing ‘Wholegrain Ears’ on board, who brought their multi-sensory station to My Aeon. These interactive stations proved to be a massive hit with the crowd on the night. Rounding up the decor team was the incredible team from ‘Dreadfull Creations Co’, who installed a UV reactive stage in the “sensory loft”

On the day of the event, the crew was bursting at the seams with the old case of spirit bubbles, having sold out the event prior to “doors open”. Setup was hectic, with the hexagons and other decor items proving to be a challenge to set up before 10 pm. With the help of close friends, the team managed to get it done before the first track. Kalkara opened up nicely with some chuggy, melodic tech whilst the venue was filling up rapidly. By the time Suseri & Mish’Chief jumped on, My Aeon was packed to the rafters, with people riding a wave of collective, euphoric energy. Suseri & Mish’chief really set the vibe for the night with an exciting, 90 minute set of progressive, minimal techno. A real show starter and the perfect platform for headliner Smilk to blow the socks of the joint. As expected, Smilk really lived up to the highest expectations we had of him. His live manipulation of his signature bush-prog sound is why he is one of the best local talents we have. His set started off in the techno realms before entering faster bpms and more liquid baselines and melodies. This 2-hour journey was one to behold and an experience that we will never forget. Kinimal then jumped on, and boy did he send tremors through the club with hard, dark, prog tekkaz. Showcasing the ‘Techgnosis Records’ catalog to perfection, Kinimal had everyone in the room sweating and seshing like never seen before, even Jed’s parents got in on the action having a phat stomp.

We haven’t forgotten the ‘sensory loft’, which was a real eye-catcher the whole night. Tastefully thronged with UV light rays, the room had an Avatarish glow to it and offered up an interactive side to it that punters had never seen before. Kisler, Ellie Walsh and Platypuss did an amazing job in playing music outside the known sonic structures of techno or psytrance.

Coming back to the main room, and we had our boys Chris and Jed playing the close set. Chris and Jed had prior experience with a 3 hour b2b at My Aeon 2 weeks prior to our launch party. Their synchronicity shone through this set, as the lads navigated the crowd through the dark corners of psychedelic techno before stepping on the pedal towards the end with some phat, progressive psytrance.

No words can express how much we were blown away by our launch. To the amazing people that filled our space with love and energy, thank you for being the best humans ever. We are so grateful for our community around us that radiates that gnarly juju. A massive big ups to our artists across the sensory spectrum, who went above and beyond to deliver the most amazing experience we have seen unfold at My Aeon. And to the family behind the scenes, you guys were the real MVPs. 


Smilk (Zenon Records / Digital Structures)

Kinimal (Techgnosis Records, WA)




Chris Hall

Ellie Walsh




Photography – Robert Chan Photography
Visuals – VisuaLaurax
Installations – Wholegrain Ears
Decor – InnSaei & Dreadfull Creations
Live Art – ILWON + TROFE