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In light of Crennwiick’s debut full-length album “The World’s Recreation” on his homestay of Digital Diamonds, we caught up with the man himself, Marco, to have a deeper dig into the origins of the album, psychedelic techno in Portugal, his creative processes and what he’s been up to.

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SSA: Hey Marco! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions with us. How are things going over in Portugal at the moment? Is the music scene getting back on its feet?

CRE: My pleasure guys. I’m honored to do this interview.

Well, talking about music, Portugal started to do some concerts a few months ago, but if we´re talking about dance music there is no chance to do it. In other words, at the moment, you can go to a concert or a bar, but you can not dance…that’s the reason why many clubs are still closed. In my opinion, we’ll dance again by the end of the year, but, as we all know, it is very hard to guess what will happen these days. 

SSA: Very understandable and yes we have experienced first hand of course how turbulent the situation is. We have no doubt things will be kicking there again soon though. Fingers crossed!

There’s such a cool community of psychedelic techno in Portugal that you are a part of. What do you think it is about Portugal that breeds this sound and the support for it?

CRE: It’s an interesting question. Many times I’ve thought about this and the result is always the same. To me, here in Portugal, the Psychedelic Techno community is supported by value. Friendship. For example, Portuguese artists like Luis M, Flembaz, – we met each other because of Ektoplazm around 2012. We do not have a big psychedelic scene in Portugal, so the “movement” is very pure and leads us to organize our own events (private parties in many cases). 

On the other hand, most of the financial support to grow our activities is based on playing across borders. Fortunately, many of us are playing at major psychedelic trance festivals all over the world, where there is a growing demand for psychedelic music other than trance. 

SSA: Fantastic. Of course, it makes so much sense that friendship is at the heart of it. Despite the scene being small there, there are certainly a lot of eyes on what’s happening there! A little mecca you could say.

Your new album on Digital Diamonds “The World’s Recreation” has a lovely energy to it and the groovy psy-tech flavors are undeniable. The name of the album seems to be very fitting for the current affairs on our beautiful planet earth. What is the concept of the album exactly and what were your biggest influences in creating this concept?

CRE: Thank you so much for your feedback! In fact, the album has a long story. 

The World’s Recreation is a dream that came true and was made with all my soul.

In the middle of 2020, we were in the first lockdown here in Portugal and the general thoughts and scenarios were not good. However, I had to finish my master thesis in Audiovisual &  Multimedia. I made recordings every morning at 9 am for 6 weeks from my window and I discovered new species of birds living in my neighbourhood. The lockdown shows there’s hope with less pollution, less noise, and all benefits to all species on planet earth… Maybe this was the last time we had a real opportunity to “do” a World’s Recreation. The analysis of the collected data brought a better understanding of how the Soundscape is perceived in unique times, and the changes caused by the pandemic of COVID-19 to the Portuguese Soundscape.

The name of the album was triggered by a composer I respect – Bernard Parmegiani and his electroacoustic masterpiece “la création du monde”.

You can read my master thesis HERE

SSA: Amazing. I felt it must be related to the current global scenario. More sentimentality and background than I would have thought too. To all the Portuguese speakers out there, make the most of reading Marco’s thesis! I’m jealous!

The track Nada Brahma from your album is absolutely wicked, a great balance of melodic progressive and psychedelic tech, just the sort of stuff we love! What’s the story behind the name and the creative process of this track?

CRE: I’m glad to know it!

Nada Brahma was the first track of the album. After the episode I described in the previous question, I was dedicated to only choosing the soundscape I want for the album, its identity. So, I tried many different rhythms, melodies, sounds, structures and I picked up every instrument I’ve chosen to work and only after that I started the creative processes. I “discovered” Nada Brahma in the first creative session of the album. Nada Brahma in hindu means (more or less) – “In the beginning was sound” – and this is a new beginning, a World´s Recreation by sound (again).

SSA: Giving yourself the time to explore creativity will drive creativity, no doubt about it.

As one of the core cogs in the Digital Diamonds machine, what does your role entail and when did your relationship with the label start?

CRE: Definitely Ektoplazm was the main reason that connected people with the Psychedelic Techno movement all over the world such as Luis M, Flembaz, and Digital Diamonds connected artists like MNGRM, Anyer Quantum, Trilingo, Ben Rama (just to name a few) in several releases.  

I met Adamson (half of ALIC) in person in 2014, at a Flow Records party a few days after Boom Festival, here in Lisbon. In January 2015 I joined the team as a communication strategist and since then we have done amazing work together for five years, such as the external and internal label communication strategy, the Bandcamp page, the Digital Diamonds Podcasts, etc.

I’ve also organized many Digital Diamonds Showcases in Lisbon and even the Lost Theory Official Pre-Party with the label founders ALIC in 2018. 

SSA: So in addition to your Crennwiick solo project you are also one half of Code Therapy, alongside Floating Machine. Can you tell us how the characteristics and the creative processes of Crennwiick and Code Therapy differ from each other?

CRE: So, I usually say these 3 projects help each other and we are influenced by each other. I think the Code Therapy sound reflects that. As Code Therapy, we work as a band, so it is common to spend some time searching for melodies or rhythms and send them to each other. In addition to being together at shows, we usually stay together to finish (and sometimes start) the creative process, mixing sessions, all great reasons to have long barbecues. 

With my project Crennwiick, the process is mainly the same but with less emails or chat and up until this first album I usually used Crennwiick for DJ sets. 

SSA: What can we expect next from you Marco and the Crennwiick project?

CRE: So, about my day life, I founded this year the (what a great year to start). My goal is to analyze, create and manage Sound Identity for youtube and television channels, FM or digital radio, production companies, communication agencies and any activity that makes the ambition of expansion the main basis for its growth. I also do Sound Design and Production lessons in a university, an activity I’m in love with since 2015. Students always surprise me for a great reason. 

As for the the Crennwiick project, after releasing the album I’m working on a new Live Act. I hope to play it as much as I can. Maybe in Australia 🙂 

And last but not least, we’re preparing Crennwiick “The World’s Recreation (The Remixes EP)” with amazing invited artists! Don’t miss it!

SSA: We surely won’t mate! Looking forward to it. Thanks again for joining us Marco.

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Crennwiick – The World’s Recreation

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