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It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done one of these and we’ve picked the perfect moment to emerge out of our slumber to deliver a heartfelt review of a really special album by Electrypnose, the modern-day virtuoso of underground festival sound. His ‘Crooked House’ LP has just been released on Yuli Fershtat’s Digital Structures and it has been a hot topic amongst industry heads and doof tech nerds around the circuit.

This crazy musical project Electrypnose created by Vince Le Barde originated in 2001 with a heavy orientation on the psytrance genre. Throughout the years Vince experimented with chillout, ambient scapes with the occasional delve into techno realms. Since his first release in 2003, the Swiss Maestro has delivered truckloads of deep, twisted psychedelic trance goodness on various labels, most notably Zenon Records, a home to many of his famous Electrypnose originals. The last few years have seen Vince really hone in on his techno flavours, weaving through different vibes, bearing a collection of tracks that cater to a range of pleasure-seekers across the festival landscapes. One of Vince’s previous tech releases that stick out from the rest is an absolute pearler – Soothing, a heartfelt progressive journey that allows for mind-expanding experiences. A true gem that falls into the same bracket of your Max Coopers and Jon Hopkins of the world. A stark contrast to what the Electrypnose alias is famously known for, but a true representation of the magical, musical box he possesses within himself.

Moving onto our little description of this silky album, the cream of the crop. Crooked House is an immaculate body of music from the very first second. The opening track Blue Winter Sunday casts warm, early morning sun rays onto the scene. Melting the frost-covered landscape and introducing a crispness to the atmosphere. It’s hard not to have a smile on your dial whilst listening to this, as shades of Electrypnose’s kaleidoscopic side make themselves present, giving you a taste of the second track in this album, More Than I Give Them. An extremely feel-good melodic journey that creates an “Alice in Wonderland” like phenomenon. The distinct grand piano keys set the tone for this emotive masterpiece, which has a powerful baseline and beautiful melodious synth elements. The break is a memorable one, with powerful vocals that carry divine feminine energies, an attribute that will make dance floors melt in bliss. The track is rounded of with the continuation of the beautiful synth notes, quirky elements, encapsulating percussion and that simple yet powerful baseline. Subtle modulation is Electrypnose’s best friend as he manipulates sound ever so slightly to allow this track to move and morph as it progresses through time. 

The Sun Winking At The Moon marks a change in mood and scenery as Electrypnose brings in the sunset with this saucy doof prince of a track. This gorgeous progressive number brings a sense of balance between the golden afternoon sun and the dusky shadows of the night. The baseline in this track is warm and lumpy, driving this masterpiece straight through our physical and spiritual beings. A mix of oriental flavours, a dose of exuberance and a hint of obscurity really sets the listener up for a shift in energy as we get ready to rock & roll through the night. Which brings us to the title track, Crooked House. Upon feeding this mean banger through our ears for the very first time, our imaginative minds ran straight to “front centre” at the dootz (slang word for doof, which also happens to be a slang term, Strayans are cooked). No, but seriously, this is like Digital Structures’ version of instant boogie. No bullshit, no f**king around, Electrypnose hits a home run with this dark, broody number. Crooked House may not be psychedelic techno to its core, but it certainly has the qualities to be a timeless legend at outdoor festivals in any continent. Synthy scapes are coloured with an extra dollop of grit and weirdness and the hook is just twisted enough to make you scream obscenities at your next-door neighbour every time you hear it. Crooked House ends its journey at the doorstep of a bold and beautiful track SixthSense Australia premiered recently. Discipline, the guy your girlfriend told you not to worry about. Milk that tastes like rocket, giggle bush that tastes like real doof. ‘Discipline’ is brilliance in waveform for 7 and a half minutes. Gobsmacked is an understatement, as we pick up our jaws from the floor and our souls from the hypnotic atmospheres and those seductive and sinful sine bells. Who knew dark, psychedelic techno could make us as toey as a Roman sandal.

As Discipline concludes an exciting and raucous chapter in the album, we enter calmer waters. The soul spent of its wild behaviour, we look to the heavens above to ask for forgiveness for our sins as the almighty sun rises. This doof-chakra aligning ailment aptly coined as Untying Knots is the perfect catalyst to let go of the grotty internal thoughts holding you back, as you cleanse your vessel with organic, temple treat. Personally, I think this would be my favourite Electrypnose track in the album as it’s perfect simplicity. An effective aspect when it comes to engaging with the human being after it’s drained itself of serotonin and stamina. The perfect dance floor igniter on the Sunday afternoon as the relentless sun rays seep through the clouds of dust. The tantric nature of this track leads us on to more breathtaking moments, with Electrypnose tantalising our senses with this beauty, Un Peu de Ciel Bleu. ‘Un Peu De Ciel Bleu’ is made up of an aura that paints a picture very relevant to its namesake, “little blue skies”. The intricate sound design and tranquil atmospheres depict the movement of clouds, breaking, morphing and hypnotising the human eye as time passes by. Something about this piece of magic will break you down into a million pieces, before building you back up to take on the world in a heightened sense of bliss. As you ride this wave of contentment, Let It Flow, eases you into a downtempo groove, whilst maintaining that desire to express yourself through micro dance moves. A sultry vocal stem gets the hairs on your neck standing up, with reversed audio samples injecting a subtle shamanic feel to it all. This is organic, downtempo on roids and we know you are going to love it. Light Sigh, is the perfect outro to what is an elite LP. Soft textures, that make you feel like you are lost in the depths of the great Pacific Ocean. Crisp, transparent sound design that has no distinct shape or form. Free-flowing music that is supple and beautiful.

In conclusion of our review, it is worth noting Electrypnose seamless transitions between moods throughout the album. From start to finish, we were taken on this story conveyed by Vince through soundscapes that made us feel special. This album is the benchmark of Electrypnose’s catalogue. It tops the table for quality, maturity, creativity, diversity and emotion. Vince is one of our scene’s sonic magicians and Crooked House LP is just a taste of his next-level music that’s going to blow your mind beyond imagination. Make sure to head over to Digital Structures’ Beatport or Bandcamp page to show your support by purchasing the album.

Electrypnose – Crooked House ~ Digital Structures

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