Evil Oil Man – Progressive (Original Mix) [Zenon Records]

Ayoooo, we are pretty stoked about this premiere. Spotlighting one of Evil Oil Man’s newie, coming out on his album on arguably the biggest label in our sound, Zenon Records.

Evil Oil Man is one of the most experimental Zenon disciples we know, with his avant-garde approach to producing psychedelic, brain warping material. 3 years on from his last album, the Oil Man hits us with this colossal 16 track release. Quite possibly the most diverse release we’ve seen on Zenon yet.

Everything ranging from Full On, to Funky Rasta bass kinda stuff, right through to ‘Progressive’, which is what we are premiering today. Throughout the album you’ll see collaboration with some of the other Zenon artists: Airi, Klipsun, Miles From Mars, Xompax, Grouch and Dirty Hippy.

Enjoy our premiere of ‘Progressive’. It’s a very straight forward 4×4 banger, but with a very open feel to it that screams Day Time shenanigans at the dootz. A track that you’ll keep on coming back to if you are looking to dance, smile, get a little silly to or get inspired by. We are all about this number.

RELEASE DATE : 10/ 06 / 2021

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