SixthSense Presents – Ryanosaurus ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

SixthSense returns after such a long break between innings. Since our last event in 2020, the team spent the following months developing the SixthSense brand into a multidimensional beast of a platform, serving the desires of the global psychedelic sub-culture. To celebrate our return, and the reincarnation of our brand as ‘SixthSense Australia’, we present to you everyone’s favourite dinosaur: ‘RYANOSAURUS’  at My Aeon, on May 21st.

A veteran of the scene and a master of his trade RYANOSAURUS, has set festival dance floors alight in Australia and all over the world for well over a decade now, releasing massive records on labels such as Zenon Records, Iboga Records & Hommega to name a few. The “Ryanosaurus Sound” is known to be a dank as, stank as, mix of phat baselines, glitchy soundscapes, intricate melodies, and an all-round minimalism that combine to produce the contagious psychedelic beats that’ll make you burn the soles of them Nikes on ya feet.

Alongside Ryan, we will be featuring some of the squelchiest producers of the elusive, supernatural vibrations that define the SixthSense Sound, to make up one of the biggest psychedelic sound line-ups yet. 

As you know, we aren’t just purely about sound. This event will be programmed to ensure your creative minds are immersed in an intimate experience which will evoke your 5 physical senses. All tied together with our signature SixthSense twist of course. On May 21st, come on down to our Brunswick home – My Aeon – and join us in celebrating our return to throwing phat events. We simply ask you to bring the best version of yourself. RESPECT & LOVE EACH OTHER, and get swept away by the SixthSense experience.

Tickets are now available 👉

LINEUP🌿 Ryanosaurus (Zenon Records)
🔥 Listen:

SCIONAUGH (Universal Tribe)

MR LICKA (Universal Tribe)

ZIGMON (Bassic Records)

Tom Baker


Dark Design



Chris Hall

Jedidiah (AUS)


Early Bird Tickets – $15

General Admission – $25

Final Release Tickets- $30