Ken ZO & Ben Rama – The Syndicate [Techgnosis Records]

Now this premiere is worth licking your lips over !! When two decorated producers of two different styles of psychedelic techno collaborate, the result is a body of music that is like the finest wine from the most exclusive underground dance music cellar in the world.

We give you – “The Syndicate’ by Ken Zo & Ben Rama, two of Techgnosis Record’s most prized artists (Ben being the bloody label owner of course haha). Die-hard fans of the Techgnosis sound will be absolutely blown away by how well the Ken Zo and Ben Rama sonic recipes blend so well together, as it creates a special aura, lined with mystery and thronged with vehemence. This track is Techgnosis Records at its very best, as it rings true to the label’s ethos.

Hopefully this marriage of these two souls and their unique soundscapes is a teaser for a prosperous psy-tech relationship, which will churn out multiple “gold star” compositions that will have us frothers grooving for days.

RELEASE DATE : 15 / 03 / 2020
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