Aleckat & Unknown Concept – Phantom Undertow [Techgnosis Records]

It gives us great joy to be premiering an upcoming release by 2 Australian young guns and some of our closest mates – Aleckat & Unknown Concept !!

These two lads have become the talk of the global minimal techno scene, constantly producing pieces of music that have gone viral over the last few months. Through their mutual love for psychedelic minimal techno and the sesh, Aleckat & Unknown Concept recently bumped heads to produce some proper dance floor monsters coming out soon on Techgnosis Records.

This particular premiere will have you feeling like you’ve been swept away by the lads’ ‘Phantom Undertow’. A dark, low lying, bass rumble, kissed by psychedelic atmospheres and creative effects that add the perfect amount of stimulation whilst being sweaty as balls on the dance floor. The minimalistic type of musicality implemented throughout the whole track is also a feature, as it allows the core fundamentals to really shine through and command ravers to absolutely send it till sunrise 😉

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