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Hang Massive are easily the world’s most renowned hand-pan percussionists. The ambient world music duo Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat met in India in 2010, igniting a synergy of sound of a uniquely distinctive calibre. Over the years, they have developed and refined their style to include a deep fusion with electronic production. 

The Copycow farmers have been lucky (and extremely grateful) to have gotten their hands on some of the duo’s original sound recordings. They’ve then collected their favourite inhouse artists to harvest something special from these exotic chimes.

This remix EP takes us on a journey from the beach, to the belly of the jungle and back again…

We start off with an organic, minimal tech number by one of the Copycow pillars, Manu Ferrantini. An impressive rework of Hang Massive’s ‘Here Comes The Badger’. The use of the hand-pan sounds and resampling finesse brings to light the guile of Manu Ferrantini, one of the most underrated producers of our time. The beautiful melodic structures of the original are recognized, then reworked into the drive and substance of this minimal techno groover. A perfect bridge between sunset relaxation and evening shenanigans. A hybrid of tripped-out chill only Copycow and Manu are famous for.

Next up, we arrive at what is in my opinion, the best-produced track of 2020. Breger’s remix of ‘Omad Odat’ is seriously that bloody good, in a class of its own. We at SixthSense Australia were fortunate enough to premiere this exquisite remix earlier in the month. Breger takes a run into a mystical world of psychedelic-infused minimal techno. Listeners are entranced by the hand-pan magic from Hang Massive that resonates masterfully throughout the remix. Breger proves the professor of the class, with his masterful manipulation of these samples, infused with organic and driving percussion. The main drop will have you ascending to a new plane of higher existence, coloured by the wonders of an enchanted forest.

After the pace and bounce of the first two tracks, this EP carries us into an area of luxurious soundwaves curated by skilled Copycow character, Timboletti. We would best describe this piece as a tasteful, subtly psychedelic, organic, slow-cooked groover. His remix of ‘Omad Odat’ oozes wholesomeness, a sense of calm and tranquility whilst retaining the command to make someone get up and dance. Melancholic and minimalistic, the two perfect ingredients that make this classy ‘Travel Companion’ a pleasure to listen to on repeat.

Holed Coin takes the reins from Timboletti, though delving into a kaleidoscopic journey through the dense jungle of the Copycow sound with this remix of ‘Boat Ride’. Slowed down even more, Holed Coin creates ample space for organic textures and drip-drop sounds that places the listener’s mind right in the center of the rainforest. The Hang Massive handpans shine through in this remix, positioning their native essence on the highest pedestal. In true Copycow fashion, this slow-burner hits the feels in the main drop, with all elements coalescing to create a glimmering goosebump moment. A perfect track for soundtracking yoga or meditation; a remix that inspires the artistic side to let itself run free and wild.

We come to our final track of the EP, a spiritual, uplifting downtempo remix from Dolph. Being one of the downtempo flag bearers, Dolph doesn’t stray from his natural style as he takes us on this cheerful shamanic journey that beautifully weaves itself through the soothing sounds of Hang Massive. It’s very rare that you’ll find a piece of music that grounds you, whilst untethers the spirit simultaneously, for a state of deep exploration, but Dolph balances these two moods magnificently as he eases us into a relaxed and harmonious mood to round off the EP.

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COPY032 Hang Massive ~ Reworks EP
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