SoundCast #30 – Modekraft (AUS)

Welcoming a very talented producer, residing in the city of Melbourne – Nitesh Batra, or better known as MODKRAFT.

A humble artist that would fly under the radar most times, Modkraft is one of the most unique sound dwellers we have discovered over the years. His hypnotic grooves and driving baselines are prominent in his productions. A sound that is raw and gritty and captures the attention of the listeners mind, body and soul. This kind of pure psychedelic techno has earnt him releases on Techgnosis Records, Electric Power Pole, Friday Lights Music and his home label – Soupherb Records.

This SoundCast is an hour packed with Modkraft’s favourite releases in 2020 from artists around the globe. The flow from deep, minimal techno, through to the stupor of mind bending tech-trance has us in awe of Modkraft’s ability to deliver a journey that ticks all the SixthSense boxes. We are extremely proud to be showcasing this set, and hopefully very soon, we will get to host this man at one of our events.

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