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Making a return feature in our reviews section, Digital Structures has provided yet another exquisite compilation embodying the very essence of their unique dance music ethos. 

Eucalyptych is an extremely unique release that goes against the grain of the current music industry, with two label owners, Yuli Fershtat & Ziggy Bramich, collaborating in a symbiotic effort to break down boundaries, deepen their connection and further strengthen the sound we have come to know as ‘bush techno’. This VA compilation focuses on the lush sounds of Australia. Compiled by Bassic Records label owner (and SixthSense Australia partner), ZigMon, he takes us on a deeper, progressive journey through a selection of tunes that accurately paint the aura of the eucalyptus tree, a natural and earthly symbol of the Australian festival scene. Each track can be best described as uncategorisable, a characteristic common between Digital Structures and Bassic Records. 

We commence our journey with a dreamy introduction, written by Australian dreamboat, FunkForm. ‘Once Were A Tone’ capitivates listeners in a colourful hallucination stirred on by harmonious pads that coalesce to create a unique psychedelic experience. This elegant, ambient and hypnotic piece of music will hold its place as one of the best intro tracks in a compilation, ever. 

The VA then transitions into a ‘Soothing’ expedition straight to the core of Electrypnose’s soft spot. With the track having already featured in his EP ‘Creative People’, it’s rerelease in this VA is of no surprise. An artist known for dark, uplifting, psychedelic energy, Electrypnose’s ‘Soothing’ is a refreshing divergence in his catalogue, graceful in and tender in character.

Following on from such a beauty, we now enter a chapter of daytime, digitally structured stories. We are stoked to finally be reviewing a slice of Doppel genius, with the massive festival groover ‘The Siren’ providing, yet again, a serious case of goose pimple syndrome. Doppel’s skill as a producer to push and pull tension takes centre stage as each phase hums with a constant release of energy. One of the most remarkable features of this track is the way Doppel infuses tribal and tropical elements through harmonics, organic sounds and percussion that showcase the indigenous culture that Australia is so proud of. One of our favourites of Eucalyptych

We now progress onto the wildcard of this VA. ‘Day For It’ by Slipp (aka Logman n Pstump) is a fresh psychedelic bush tech-house track consisting of beautiful chord stabs, detuned sounds, and natural bird whistles that personify the fauna and flora of our beautiful Australia. Driving home the feel-good vibes, the baseline, organic percussive sounds and choice of harmonics complement each other in a symbiosis dinstinguishing the dance-floor groove character of this unique track. Day For It has turned a fair few industry heads around with it’s left-of-centre soundscape and quirk and we are confident we are going to be hearing more heart-warming magic from Slipp in the future. 

We now move onto ‘The Inquisitor’, a smooth transition from daytime lushness into more bass-orientated bush techno from one of the most out-of-the-box and diverse Australian producers, Rainbird. This bouncy banger is an amalgamation of ¾ bass music, dub music and bush techno. He masterfully blends subtle psychedelic elements, heaving baseline and minimalistic keys with his signature liquid new-age twist. This crafty number will get nighttime ravers ricocheting off each other across festival dance floors post-pandemic. 

The Eucalyptych journey brings us to the doorstep of nighttime-orientated techno with this insane interpretation of ‘shrub-tek’ by the legend Arketech. ‘Robot Heart’ is an engaging experience from start to finish, with the main feature of the track being it’s tasteful wubby sounds. Arketech keeps the groove going with solid rhythms and subtle psychedelic elements to the tune of our sixth sense desires. This track’s mood makes it one of the most lively tracks in this release and will prove to be an irresistible selection for DJ’s in our genre’s scene for years to come. 

Next stop is Harrison Downes as he makes his return to Digital Structures with this thumping banger ‘A New Era’. This lumpy, progressive techno number delivers a monstrous grunt, perfect for sending dusty dance-floors into a frenzy. With it’s perfectly balanced sub harmonics, the warm baseline is the star attraction of this track and will definitely get the most out of any huge soundsystem. 

This wild segment of the Eucalyptych VA takes an unexpected yet awe-inspiring turn with the progressive 4×4 fluid sound of Russian duo, Spintribe. ‘Biocycle’ epitomises the duo’s dinstinctive sound, which is nothing short of mind-blowing. Their ability to incorporate bubbly harmonics on top of each other whilst maintaining a tasty baseline presence induces listeners into a shade of dream-state indescribable by words. This style of chameleon production is what sets Spintribe apart from most and makes them a perfect fit for a label like Digital Structures.

After such a diverse segment of mood swings, Eucalyptych compiler ZigMon pilots us through the more punchy, progressive vibes with a techno masterclass by Brazilian maestro, Gabriel Moraes. ‘Aria’ is a lush and moody track that creates the perfect calm before the storm that awaits listeners. Known for his clean mixes, Gabriel’s ear for balance is acutely exhibited in this number. Being a short but sweet track, ‘Aria’ is the perfect bridge between nighttime thrive and daytime swank. 

Another Aussie making his debut on the label is Melbourne producer and famous techno dread-locked rasta, John Baptiste. As expected, the Bap sends our souls into delirium with a well produced, rolling techno chug mother. ‘Legion’ poses as the perfect bush doof weapon with it’s flawless balance between sub-bass and rolling base notes. The hats placement and width, consistent arp sounds and euphoric pads add to the uplifting trance-inspired energy that Legion injects into the dancefloor. 

You couldn’t pick a more fitting name for this next soundtrack. ‘Destination Heaven’ by Italian stallion, WAVEBACK. Not a stranger to Australian minimal techno enthusiasts, WAVEBACK picks up where Legion left off with a girthier vibe, with dark undertones. European producers are typically known for evolving atmospheric pads and invigorating risers, elements that WAVEBACK puts to good use here, delivering weighted kicks and sharp saw stabs that define his signature impression of minimal techno designed for peak-time festival moods. These components make Destination Heaven the perfect broody number to cap off this highly energised Eucalyptych chapter. 

We now arrive at the VA’s final chapter, spearheaded by this fresh number from Australian veteran, Eegor. Together with Zark, the partners in crime deliver a heartfelt message “associating pain with a specific pleasure” through subtle sonic frequencies that underpin  ‘Aversion’. The most impressive feature of this beautifully crafted dancefloor journey, is the simplicity of its composition, with each sound prominently breathing to its fullest capacity in the mix from start to finish. 

After the fresh selections of the VA, ZigMon throws it way back with this old-school rave number from Child, Nevada. The sonic elements weaved through this track depict Child’s distinctive ability to intertwine psychedelic trance and deep house. First shown to the world in 2016 through Digital Structures’ ‘At The CrossRoads’ compilation, it’s nice to be reminded of the quality dance music that this Australian icon is known for. 

Our final track is an EEEMUS remix of Dangur’sLast Jedi’, a ‘Journey Into the Abyss’. One of the most left-of-centre tracks in the Digital Structures catalogue, EEEMUS scratches our cerebral cortexes with an off-grid baseline and granulated elements that get our creative juices flowing. Having seen this track getting its groove on at some of our favourite festival dancefloors, we feel this is the perfect ending to such an amazing compilation of gems.

The first Eucalyptych chapter has been a groundbreaking project through a well pieced-out sonic journey by ZigMon, strengthening the uncategorisable sound that charaterises this label’s spirit since its inception. ZigMon’s high standards coupled with Yuli’s whacky flavours, embarks Digital Structures on a voyage exploring a new direction that people are going to fall in love with for yonks.

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