SoundCast #22 – Diamandy (SWE)

Oh boy, we’ve been super excited to announce this week’s SoundCast guest, the king of phat as, falafel tech.

Our man Diamandy has been an elite producer and a pillar in the scene for over the last 10 years, gaining respect amongst his peers as well as winning our hearts over with his swanked out, tripped out versions of 4×4 dance music.

Born in Russia, bred in Israel, and currently running amuck in Sweden, Diamandy’s music is a superb, clinical display of this culture cross-over, making him one of the most unique sound explorers that we know. His rare production styles can be heard through unforgettable releases on Digital Structures, Techgnosis Records, IbogaTech and even his own label, Friday Lights Music.

You lot are in for a mouth watering exhibition of tasty, progressive tech, with a few unreleased bangers in there that’ll have your feet mopping the lounge room floor.

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