Lampe – Mind Your Step – Bassic Records

Bassic Records have been on fire in 2020, showcasing some of the best artists and sounds in the sub-genre we call “Bush Techno”. ‘Mind Your Step’ belongs to the creme de la creme of punchy, minimal techno and who better to deliver such a message than the German maestro himself, Lampe.

This EP is a journey through some of Lampe’s best work, showcasing his perfected minimal techno structures that come through to shake some booties. On remix duties for this one, arketech  delivers a unique auditory experience only he can produce.

In the title track, Lampe takes us straight to ultimate unt-dom without wasting much time. His pulsing sub-bass and its presence sets the mood straight away, whilst the wooden percussion hits and evenly spaced hats add perfect rhythm to this groove-laden beat. Lampe breathes new life into the track with dynamic melodic riffs and stabs throughout to keep the dancefloor warriors engaged and stimulated. Lampe’s foot keeps steadily on the pedal through ‘Mind Your Step’, subtly building on uplifting energy from start to finish. This number is perfect for peak-time dancefloor experiences.

‘Ingredients’ is a moodier, techy chapter of this EP, with a blend of emotions that lean towards the darker side. The low end neuro sounds that travel through this number resonate more with the Bassic sonic palette. Going with a more stripped-back approach, Lampe delivers a high distinction on his kick bass relationship, whilst keeping his open and closed hi-hats pushed back and spaced out in the mix to keep the groove on a consistent flow. With all these ingredients, Lampe has created a sonic experience that will ignite a simmering dance-floor in an outdoor festival landscape.

When it comes to OG bush techno, it could be argued that Arketech is one of the sounds’ founding fathers, reminding the world of his unparalleled talents with this supremely guileful remix of ‘Ingredients’. You can expect raw organic percussion, a profound baseline chug, ‘neuro trance’ synth stabs and a big thunderous kick that’ll pound straight through you as you move to this epic slice of shrub techno. This track will be a favourite in our local scene and you can rest assured this will sound bloody amazing through a phat Funktion-One rig come festival season.