SoundCast #18 – Adamson (GER)

The man behind Digital Diamonds makes a much-awaited appearance on our SoundCast series.
Adamson has been at the forefront of this brand of psychedelic techno since early 2007, being one of the innovators, pioneers and trend-setters of this sound.

Perfecting the art of transferring his experiences as a raver through his own productions and DJ set, he has gained a widespread reputation within the Psychedelic Techno scene. Through his endeavours and achievements, Adamson has built a strong and inspiring foundation for the next generation of psychedelic sound travellers to learn and grow from.

Expect fresh tunes ranging from psychedelic techno twisting over to dark progressive house, to hypnotic minimal and industrial breaks. Chameleon Techno at it’s best!

Tunes from Bassic Records, Techgnosis, Subious Records, Sounds Of Earth, Criminal Bassline and Digital Diamonds!

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