5 Years of Techgnosis Records VA Vol. 5

5 of the best.

Our friends over at Techgnosis Records are celebrating a huge milestone. Since the label’s inception, it’s evident that their vision was to provide the most unique, boundary pushing sound within the techno psychedelia realms. To toast this momentous occasion, label boss Ben Rama has compiled 13 romp daddys, much to the delight of proggy, psychedelic techno fans around the world.

Now it’s going to be hard to cover all 13 tracks with the colourful descriptions they deserve, but we’ve handpicked a couple.

It’s a given to be instantly addicted to the collab magic between Luis M & MYDÄ. Two powerhouse names in our scene and their baby is going to be one hell of a ravechild. Both MYDA and Luis are notorious advocates for baselines that make you wanna dig holes into souls. “Brainchild” will make you wanna do naughtier things. A Techgnosis track for the ages.

We couldn’t ignore the dark, filthy beauty of Trilingo‘s remix of ‘Didge’. The EEEMUS EP swept us off our feet and became one of the most rinsed 3 track collections in 2019. Trilingo has done wonders with this remix, his strong minimal techno low frequency wobble really gets you in the mood for a lit one. You can be sure this one will be played at a lot of SixthSense events in the future.

And we are going to round it off with a personal favourite. ‘Springfield’ by French artist Ewake. This track really epitomises Australia’s doof culture through sound. The most perfect balance of organic elements, deep proggy dub and clean psychedelic sounds. These engaging sounds from different sound sources traverse through 7 minutes in perfect harmony, making this track one of the most beautiful pieces of music we’ve heard come out this year.

As always, this label supports Australian artists, featuring : KUNI, Kalkara & Biomass. Also having artists onboard that have featured on the SixthSense platform, and will continue to do so in months to come.