SixthSense Talks #1 – Kinimal

Thanks for joining us on our first ever SixthSense Soundcast. We have loved you ever since the minute we made first contact. And you have been such an inspiration and drive behind the SixthSense mantra. We are going to ask you a few quickfire questions so hope you’re prepared.

SS: Where does the name Kinimal come from ? What was the inspiration behind it? 

KIN: The name Kinimal is close to me for a few reasons, and was conceived by my Weapon of a Missus Clair. I’ve always been passionate about keeping true to my own taste and the sounds that drive me, even if it meant things took off a little slower. My root love in electronic music has always been Minimal; just the elegance of only a few elements arranged in such a way that you could get lost in them for hours. It just aligns things inside me that I can’t quite explain. Another core part of it is signifying the core Friends and Family around me my “Kin” and the importance of keeping it tight. Thus Kinimal was born..

SS: Your achievements so far have been nothing shy of brilliant, but tell us. How did your journey as a DJ begin. 

KIN: Thank you!! My journey started back in Brisbane Circa 2012/13, though I’d visualised it for a lot longer haha. I learnt to beatmatch from a close friend I was living with lovingly known as JayDoh. I actually learnt on his old Pioneer rack mounted Mixer and CD player (CMX3000). It was old, the Jog wheels were twitchy and It was tough to keep tracks beatmatched, but i’m glad of it… everything was easier after that!! My first gig was a few months after learning, I was stage managing a Doof run by the same friend. The International (Headroom, SA) was just finishing up his Tech Project (Artelligent) and the next DJ was a no show, next minute I was thrown into the booth to a red hot danfloor. I’ll never forget the nerves I felt then, but I made it out the other side, and then began the learning curve. Shortly after that I moved to Perth and that’s where I found my sound and did most of my growing.

SS: Life as a Techgnosis Records Label DJ / manager must be pretty swell. What are the ins and outs of the role. Any exciting goss on the boss man Ben Rama ?

KIN: You’re not wrong. Techgnosis feels like family to me now. Before I reached out to the label to join I was feeling a little lost and unsure of my scene, I discovered the Prog-Tech sound, instantly clicked and knew Techgnosis was where I wanted to be. I spent months pondering before sending in a submission, thinking I was out of my league. The words I got back from Ben blew me away, from there Techgnosis grew to become home, I was blessed to find such a perfect match and I’ll never take that Kinship for granted.

My role began as a label DJ here in Aus, I’m very emotionally invested in the label and hold the core ethos at heart. While my initial manager role began as a “Back of House” thing, I’m now contributing to music direction, helped unearth new artists, handling releases (including the next NOX V/A due in July) and contributing to the growth of the label and its fan base here in Australia. As for goss on the Boss man, I couldn’t help you there, he’s too squeaky clean .. He is a Ranga though haha.

SS: What are your goals for the future ? 

KIN: For the immediate future, I’m focused on my own productions which is definitely a key goal. I have my heart set on playing as many of the amazing festivals, Clubs & Intimate Doofs we have to offer in Aus, our scene is so rich and diverse here and it’s driven by some amazingly talented and passionate people. Longer term, overseas travel & Euro Gigs is a definite. I’m manifesting this and all the rest, though I never feel the urge to rush or force it, I’ve always let things grow organically and followed my own path.

SS: All time favourite song ? 

KIN: No one song can take the number one, but one that is definitely worthy of the title: 

Love From a Distance (Ben Rama Remix) – Frezel feat. Triateck. This one definitely invokes that Minimal Element Harmony that I mentioned in the first question. Things align inside me when I hear this and I’m instantly tranced.

SS: Favourite gig so far ?

KIN: I’ve had some memorable ones, but I couldn’t go past Elysium Gathering 2019. This set was pure magic, Jossie Telch had just mesmerized everyone, I was vibing from him and just connected to the crowd so well, then midway the Colour throwing ceremony just sent the energy into overdrive It was “Fucking Electric”. On top of that warming up for EEEMUS after. That will be a moment I won’t soon forget.

SS: Are you a fan of coriander ? If so, please state why. 

KIN: I may get called out for being a fence sitter here. I don’t mind it, but I can’t say I love it. The Missus on the other hand is probably the leader of the Coriander Hate Brigade. She will smell it from a mile away.