Ben Rama – The 5th World – Techgnosis Records

‘As the Old Gods are destroyed, the New Gods claim their stake. The 5th World emerges’.

Amazing quote from our Canadian brothers as they aptly describe this dystopian sounding release from label boss Ben Rama. It’s been a bloody hot minute since the big boi has released an EP on his own imprint Techgnosis Records, and you can bet your last doofed out chewing gum that it’s been worth the wait. Ben returns to Techgnosis with his signature heavy and hypnotic psytech in ‘The 5th World’. The shamanic intro is the perfect escort for you as your mind gets catapulted into the girth of Ben’s version of this mesmeric style of heavy, hypnotizing techno that he is quite famous for.

Remix from Trilingo is once again world class, with his chunky, minimal techno impressions making this selection a must have in every DJ’s crate. Our homie Bass To Pain Converter comes to the fore with his version of the deep, hypnotic tekkaz. His Berlin influence really shines through here, as Paul keeps developing his established unique sound. Zentrix injects forest steroids into his version with his growling psychedelia.

Now, the track in this preview video is our spotlight of the EP, produced by the Mauritian master : Ken Zo.

This A grade dijon mustard is genuinely what fits the SixthSense sonic shoe like a glove. The cultural sounding tabla percussion at the start is the tastiest entree to the ever evolving Ken Zo groove. The tension in the first breakdown makes for one of the mind-melting crescendo’s in the market. And don’t get us started on those drops, as the baseline and other mid-low frequency sounds so chunky they make you wanna go full Rave Monkey. Also worth noting, the space this guy finds throughout this track allows for every single sound to breathe to it’s fullest capacity. Ken Zo’s synth work in here is sublime, his percussion ever so tribal and he really puts on a clinic when it comes to processing vocal cuts. This lower BPM rendition will prove to be a timeless classic, one of the best minimal techno tracks one would ever hear.

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  1. The 5th World (Original Mix)
  2. The 5th World (Ken Zo Remix)
  3. The 5th World (Trilingo Remix)
  4. The 5th World (Bass to Pain Converter Remix)
  5. The 5th World (Zentrix Remix)