Vishal Unni – Ectype – Techgnosis Records

Techgnosis Records have a real knack of unearthing some of the shiniest diamonds in the rough.

Vishal Unni is most definitely one of them and his debut EP contains some of the most stimulating records we have heard in a while.

The title track ‘Ectype’ is a hypnotic tale of minimal structures between percussion and harmonics. The intricate sound effects, gripping impacts and dark baseline make this track the perfect selection for a sweaty, summers night at the doof. The remix by KUNI is one of those numbers that initiated instate jaw drop at SixthSense HQ. This Aussie producer activates his broad musical knowledge and production experience to create one of the most mind-melting drops a human being will ever hear. Kuni introduces a degree of diversity with broken beat core structure the main focus in the main breakdown.

The ‘B Side’ track ‘Recur’ is a much more refined and stripped back, with a heavy kick and sub-bass that will instantly have your sacral and root chakras performing a sacred warrior dance wherever you are. The psychedelic percussive impacts and gritty melodic stabs are ever so engaging as their placement is impeccable. Vishal Unni’s spacial awareness and his ability to manipulate each sound really finds it’s best platform throughout this track. Remix duties by label boss Ben Rama and Aussie young gun Biomass result in a very nostalgic vibe. Ben and Biomass strip the bpm back a couple paces and add very progressive vibes into this. You can hear each producer inject their strongest attributes into this piece. A very progressive tech-trance banger that will shoot the listener off into the milky way.

In conclusion, we really feel that this is one of Techgnosis Records’ best releases through the quality of musicality in each production. Vishal Unni has best defined the sweet, melancholic euphonies of minimal techno and we are extremely excited for the future of this talented human being. 


  1. Ectype (Original Mix)
  2. Recur (Original Mix) 
  3. Ectype (KUNI Remix) 
  4. Recur (Ben Rama & Biomass Remix)