Bush Fire VA Part 2 – Bassic Records

G’day cobbers & cobberettes,

Apologies for being quiet on social media over the last few weeks, life tends to catch up with us and sometimes we forget to keep you guys in the loop with all things untz and buntz.

As all of you are probably aware, the world is going through some serious stress right now. The events industry in Australia is one of the first to be affected by the COVID-19 crisis. We at SixthSense don’t have anything scheduled until the month of October. Till then, we encourage anyone reading this to stay safe and to ensure that we are doing our bit to protect the members of our wider communities. Let’s be proactive, act rationally and help prevent the spread of this unwanted infection.

On a more positive note, we will be using this platform to spread the good juju in our world of music and other artforms. We will endeavour to constantly post reviews of some up and coming underground artists, record labels, groundbreaking decorative ideas etc to keep you guys in the loop with the amazing creativity that’s being generated around the world.

First up, we leave you with the latest Bassic Records VA : ‘Bushfire Aid Part 2’. The second chapter of the 2 part VA release by our favourite Australian label, to raise funds for the Australian Wildlife Conservency’s Bushfire Response Campaign. This particular chapter ties well with the SixthSense sonic mantra, psychedelic chunk, progressive vibes, fat and wobbly baselines and innovative soundscapes. Featuring some of the Aussie artists that have featured on our line ups like AXON, Maxi Whö, Timmus & Rainbird.

$20 well spent and for a very worthy cause


  1. Ryanosaurus – Sprout In The Ash (Original Mix)
  2. Eegor & Zark – Embers (Original Mix)
  3. Oliver B – The Dreamer (Original Mix)
  4. Axon – Paragon (Original Mix)
  5. Hohlraum – Vostok (Käse Kochen Remix)
  6. Arketech – Grand Illusion (Original Mix)
  7. John Baptiste & Samwise – Shapes And Colours (Original Mix)
  8. My Last Request – Petal (Original Mix)
  9. Christopher Brooks – Limbo (Original Mix) 
  10. Aleckat – Creature On The Wall (Original Mix)
  11. Rainbird – Polarity (Original Mix)
  12. Maxi Basshead – Dreampunk (Original Mix)
  13. Timmus – Phoenix (I Finally Realised)