SoundCast #10 – Code Therapy (PRT)

The 10th episode welcomes our brothers all the way from Portugal.


Both amazing individual artists, it was a given that when Floating Machine and CrennWiick joined forces, their representation of A grade underground dance music would be top shelf. Their vibes are reminiscent of the early age Tech Trance sound with tight, new age psychedelic sound design. It comes as no surprise that their productions encompass these vibes, as they are influenced by the Boom Festival scene and everything that comes with it.

On that note, the boys played out a banging set at the Alchemy Circle in 2018 and are looking to make their return to the mecca of psychedelic techno. On the production front, they have kept busy with regular releases on labels such as Digital Diamonds, Techgnosis Records and the likes.

We hope you enjoy this set, expressively crafted with a hot summer’s day at a sweaty festival in mind.