SoundCast #7 – Eeemus (AUS)

Who the f**k is @eeemus ?

Here’s what we reckon.

This special human being is one of Australia’s most devoted artists. A passionate individual that possesses a very unique ability to tell a story through sound. A driven man that dives deep into his heart and soul to produce the engaging sonic experiences for dancefloors, ravers and listeners worldwide. A man that is proud of his culture and where he comes from. An enigma that will inspire for generations to come.

” I Hear Dead People” is one of the most unique journeys we’ve ever been a part of. Each selection handpicked with the intention of placing the listener in a lucid state. This story is a testament to an artist on a quest to manipulate soundwaves in ways your brain has never heard before.

Forget worldly distractions for an hour and prepare to immerse your mind, body, and soul in this captivating, spiritual journey. Best listened to under the influence for the full SixthSense experience.

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Now we know who the fuck EEEMUS is !!!