SoundCast #5 – Aleckat (AUS)

Having this dude involved in the SixthSense movement has been a goal of ours ever since we heard of his talents. This week will see him debut with us, and we feel it’ll be the catalyst for a long and prosperous relationship.

We present to you : Aleckat

Hailing from W.A, Aleckat is quickly becoming a master of his craft. Admired by many a producer in the global proggy. psy-tech scene, his attention to detail and innovative structures result in well designed, new age psychedelic minimal techno. He’s had a huge 12 months, with releases on Digital Diamonds, Techgnosis Records, Evil Flow & Phobos Records to name a few. This set will play host to his new releases plus a lot of Aleckat’s unreleased material.

Keep an eye out for this wild cat, his future is something that gets us very excite.

FOLLOW ALECKAT : @aleckat-official